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The specialist in infrared (IR) drying and ultraviolet (UV) curing.

DecoRad® Systems bv is explicit specialist in infrared drying and ultraviolet curing of UV-coatings, -laquers and -oil.

The DecoRad® mobile equipment is equiped with the most up-to-date techniques and technologies in the fields of electronics, software, infrared and UV lights and can be used on different substrates, as Wood, Concrete, Flexible and PU/Epoxy.

Besides mobile equipment, we also supply a semi-industrial line, the LED Linemate. This line is provided with high-quality LED’s in order to cure UV LED oil within seconds with excellent setting.

In addition, the LED lamp-unit can be removed and transferred easily to our Floormate, and therefore can be used on site as well.

The most important advantages of UV curing:

  • Superior quality
  • Significant time savings
  • The floor can be used straight away
  • Easy to clean and durable
  • Only in combination with environmentally friendly products

Further information can be obtained through the contact form, or call/mail the DecoRad®-team.

UV radiation

UV radiation is well-known for its application as a catalyst in drying processes. UV radiation is a mixture of radiation of various wavelengths. In a rainbow, the visible part of the UV radiation is ordered according to the length of the waves. Progressing from purple to red, the waves become increasingly longer. The infrared, with a wavelength longer than that of red, is not visible but can be felt as (solar) heat. The ultraviolet or UV has a wavelength shorter than that of purple. This part of the UV radiation is not visible as well.

Most of the UV radiation we get comes through sunlight. Not all UV radiation reaches the earth: a part is blocked by the ozone layer.

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