UV LED floorcure UV LED floorcure
LED LineCure LC40 GEN2
Retrofit LED module
Technical specifications

The LED LineCure LC40 is a energy saving LED retrofit module.

The LED LineCure LC40 must be installed on your existing Industrial coating line.

The LED LineCure LC40 cures LED Hardwax oils with a line speed of 6-15 meters per minute with excellent properties.

Manual height adjustable LED's to substrate. Protective polycarbonate shielding.

Optional: DecoRad all-in installation package. (Netherlands and Belgium)

Optional: Process monitoring module (with acoustic warning signal)

As with all DecoRad equipment the LED LineCure LC40 is developed with the latest techniques available in UV curing.

Brand: DecoRad®
Colour: Silver / black
Distance to object: 10-15 mm
Cure path (cm): 40
Weight (kg): Appx.
Measurements (cm): 39x60x43 (LxWxH)
Power Input: 220/250V 50/60 Hz 10/16 Amps
Cable powering (cm): 240
Standard LED lamp: 395nm
Ozone free: ✓
Burning hours LED's: 20.000+
Start-up time LED's: immediately
Cool-down time LED's: appx. 1 minute
Manufacturer's warranty: 1 year
Warranty type: carry-in
CE approved: ✓
Standard included: operator manual