As a leading manufacturer of UV curing equipment, DecoRad® Systems produces a wide variety of portable UV floor curing equipment and machines for (semi-) industrial LED UV applications.  All of our UV curing machines are designed to be easy to use, maintain and are built with the latest techniques available in UV curing.

A UV curing machine is ideal for commercial, industrial and residential customers. UV radiation emitted by the curing machine ensures immediate curing, so traffic can be brought back onto the floor immediately after use. With specific UV radiation surfaces can also be disinfected.

Our current UV floor curing equipment lineup consists of the following product categories, UV floorcure equipment, the UV handheld equipment and the high end UV LED hardwax oil equipment

Not only do we produce all curing machines and equipment at our facility in the Netherlands, we also keep stock. We supply directly from the factory to the end user. Below you will find our best net prices. Volume discounts are possible from 5 devices in 1 purchase.

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