**** NEW **** UV FloorCure 2030
Push-along floor curing machine and handheld in one.
Technical specifications


Only suitable for waterborne UV finishes. 

Built-in speed indication via display, 30 cm cure path.

DecoRad Systems BV develops and produces UV curing equipment in its own facility in the Netherlands under ISO 9001 quality assurance and according to the latest UV-technology. We supply direct from the factory to the end user, without any wholesale, which means flooring contractors get our best price.

As a result of many years of experience with on-site use of UV and in response to market demands, we have developed the UV FloorCure 2030, the ultimate tool for instantly curing water-borne UV finishes for parquet and resilient floors (small/medium floor size).

The UV FloorCure 2030 is a push-along floor curing machine and handheld in one. Its light weight (17 KGS) makes it easy to operate and transport by 1 person. Depending on use, it has a lifespan of 5 - 10 years. Also, depending on use, a new lamp is needed once every 2 years. 

When using our UV equipment, the use of PPE, consisting of skin protective clothing and a face shield, is mandatory.

Brand: DecoRad®
Colour: Silver/black
Distance to object (cm): 2 -3
Cure path (cm): 30
Weight UV lamp unit (KGS): 1,5
Weight power supply / switching-unit / transport case (KGS): 15,5
Total weight (KGS): 17
Measurements Handheld (cm): 40 x 26,5 x 16 (LxWxH)
Measurements power supply / switching-unit / transport case (cm): 58 x 39 x 40 (LxWxH)
Power UV - ultraviolet (Watt): 2000
Mains voltage: 220 - 250V 50/60 Hz 10/20 Amps
Cable supply (cm): 225
Cable between switching unit and UV lamp unit (cm): 800
Standard lamp: Hg Mercury
Ozone free: ✓
Number of UV-lamp(s): 1
Burning hours UV-lamp(s): approx. 500
Start-up time UV-lamp(s): approx. 60 seconds
Cooling down time: approx. 6 minutes
Manufacturer's warranty: 1 year
Warranty type: Carry-in
CE Approved: ✓
Standard included: Operator manual, safety package, transport case + trolley, extension pole, double support wheels