Portable UV Floorcure Floormate SolidLux Version
On-site UV floor curing machine ** in stock **
Technical specifications

The DecoRad® Floormate GEN6 is a safe, solid, motorized and easy to use UV floor curing machine that can be used anywhere.

This is the lightweight aluminium version of 39 KG with double wheels and lightspreader.

The DecoRad® Floormate GEN6 can easily be set to the right speed depending on the type of coating. The user merely has to ensure that every section of the wooden, resilient or concrete floor is radiated with UV light.

The speed can vary from 3,5 to 20 meters per minute and is shown in the display
Also feet per minute readout possible.

The right spectrum of UV light ensures that UV floor coatings cure instantly.

The DecoRad® Floormate GEN6 is fully automatic and meets all legal safety requirements.

The DecoRad® Floormate GEN6  comes with a high quality flightcase, UV safety cones and personal safety package.

Safest and most advanced floor curing machine on the market today.

As with all Decorad equipment the Floormate UV GEN6 has a self-diagnostic system with display-notifications.

Check out spare parts icon below for different configurations.

Brand: DecoRad® GEN6
Colour: Silver / black
Cure path (cm): 45
Lamphouse height adjustable to floor ✓
Zero degree turn radius: ✓
Adjustable digital cure speed in meters or feet: ✓
Wheels with PU tyre: ✓
Total weight (kg): 39
Measurements (cm): 70 x 50 x 50 (LxWxH)
Power UV - (Watt): 3000
Power Input: 190/250V 50/60 Hz 16 Amps
Cable powering (cm): 1000
Standard UV-lamp: Hg Mercury (Ga, Fe or others possible)
Ozone free: ✓
Number of UV-lamp(s): 1
Burning hours UV-lamp(s): 500 to 1000
Start-up time UV-lamp(s): Approx. 45 seconds
Manufacturer's warranty: 1 year
Warranty type: Carry-in
CE Approved: ✓
TÜV certified (radiation): ✓
Standard included: high quality flightcase, 2 safety cones, operator manual, heat shield, extension cord, personal safety package
Optional: Lamp house units with different spectrum UV lamps, line marking 20 cm lamp house units, extra PCB (mainprint), extra set of wheels (as a package or individually available), Pigtail voltage adapters (3 phase to 1 phase)