Renovating the floor in a football clubhouse

Normally you wouldn't do this......

UV renovation of a 20 year old linoleum floor in a football clubhouse. Even in the worst scenarios UV on site can make the difference.

Renovating a 20 year old linoleum floor in a football clubhouse which was waxed numerous times and looks awful, is not the first project you would do using UV on site. But to show the possibilities, even in worst case scenario’s, using the UV on site concept for renovating resilient floors it has been done!

Preparing the 150m² floor the day before (that was even more a challenge), the application (different layers) and curing was ready in about half a day where the floor could be in use again during the busy Thursday evening. Now the floor looks like new again with the highest quality standard, less costs, less maintenance in the future and is easier to clean for the volunteers day by day.