On-site UV enthusiast
Since many years I am specialized in wooden floor renovations. In 2005 I’ve started in Dusseldorf as an entrepreneur with Benke – Parkett- u. Raumausstattermeister. Eighty percent of my work comes from private customers and about ninety percent is via recommendation. We quickly adopted dust free sanding and my equipment is well selected and adjusted to my specifications: unique in its kind. I’ve started with on-site UV because this allows me to quickly renovate wooden floors and deliver excellent quality. Due to my technical knowledge and interest I have chosen the DecoRad® equipment because I think it is well-build and does the job perfectly. I would advise every contractor to use this piece of equipment. If possible it would be good for the industry to have a standard certification for approved on-site UV contractors. This ensures the entire market of a certain level of knowledge, it allows this new innovative technique to gain interest and market awareness. Visit www.parkett-ausstatter.benke.info for more information.

Mr. G. Benke

On-site UV will be the normal way of floor maintenance.
We are a specialized furniture making company based in Hamburg, working for companies and consumers. Arte Lignum has chosen to start with on-site UV due to the fact that we are working for several retail companies. Together with a German lacquer company we have started to do tests on wooden floors; the goal was to do store-maintenance within 36 hours without interrupting shop opening hours. For a major recognized international fashion brand we have refurbished one of their shop floors in Hamburg. The biggest challenge in this particular case was the darkness of the floor, before using UV. The test was successful! The biggest advantage for the shop owner is that the store can stay open, work is done overnight, and no turnover is lost. We strongly believe that using on-site UV will eventually be the “normal way” of floor maintenance, because of minimal downtime. As Arte Lignum we have chosen to work with DecoRad® Systems because our lacquer supplier is working with them; they have been recommended. We would recommend them as well because they are based in Europe, their equipment is durable, easy to handle and can be used with normal power sockets. Visit www.artelignum.de for more information.

Mr. T. Oestmann

Early adaptor of the on-site UV concept.
We started Brajeff Flooring LTD in 1980 as a family business. Nowadays we are a midsized contracting company with 11 fully trained fitters. We work in various markets and segments; from hospitality to commercial properties offering new decorative flooring in carpet, wood , vinyl and Lino, renovating Lino, grinding concrete and stone maintenance. Our clients range from blue chip banking companies, corporate entities, large shopping centres and the majority of the larger building companies in the London Area. Since we’ve always had an interest in new and innovative products, we really saw in on-site UV curing the benefits for our clients: less interruption to their core business and less downtime in floor maintenance enables them to make more money. Over time I expect that portable UV floor curing will be the preferred method for wood and decorative flooring. We are using DecoRad® equipment, which we have chosen because of its build quality, compatible power supply, expertise with various coatings companies, ease of use and because they are European based. I really believe that on-site UV curing is the future and Brajeff Flooring LTD is looking to be one of the leaders in both service and quality.  Visit www.brajeff.com for more information.

Mr. Gary Brazowski

The biggest benefit of UV is the reduction of downtime
Quality Marking Services Limited was formed in 2001 with the sole aim of providing quality products and service to our clients. Now we employ 22 fully trained members of staff providing specialist line marking and surface treatments throughout the United Kingdom to an ever growing portfolio of clients. One particular client asked for a solution to their line marking problems which were Longevity, Cure Times and Solvent Vapour. The use of Quaker RapidShield UV material enables us to provide a line marking solution that is solvent free, instant cure and exceptional longevity. With UV coatings we are able to offer a service to our clients where we can complete the area required and hand it back to them for immediate use, minimizing costly downtime in their business activities. Initially, the biggest benefit of using UV is the reduction in downtime although when the product is applied and in operation, the main focus is then on the ease of cleaning the markings and the durability in an extremely demanding environment. I believe that there is a place in the market for numerous products and the solution of the client needs to be taken into account, together with budget constraints. The use of Quaker RapidShield has proven to clients that the slight increase in cost is far outweighed by the quality of the finished product, the durability and the reduction in down-time. Ultimately, I can see that the use of UV line marking materials shall increase as clients become more aware of the product and the application techniques and curing equipment improves with time and technology. We use the DecoRad® equipment because it is compact and easy to operate with fixed speed controls depending on material thicknesses. The quality of the equipment is conducive to the operations of Quality Marking Services Limited and the appearance of the equipment in operations provides peace of mind to our workforce and clients. When we first entered into the UV marking market, we operated a 415v light machine, which although it provided the necessary solution, it was a large cumbersome piece of equipment with long set-up and cool-down phases. We would recommend the DecoRad® equipment because it is manufactured to a high specification and meets the demands of a contracting organization. The concept of UV Line Markings is still difficult to grasp. The instant cure and high level durability for the client is excellent although the reluctance to believe that it does and will perform as projected is not uncommon. With further use and continuous marketing of the system, this will become easier for the client to understand and in turn increase potential works. Visit www.qmarkings.co.uk for more information.

Mr. Greg Clark